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Batteries for Vehicle Fleets

One of the main problems involving vehicle fleet batteries is battery wear which reduces battery life span significantly. This forces vehicle fleet owners to replace batteries frequently, and creates a substantial economic burden for large-scale fleets.

What Causes Increased Battery Wear?

Car batteries are created with a one- to two-year life span, but misuse, natural wear, excessive heat, temperature changes and low production quality, all cause batteries to short frequently, which impacts their performance and cuts battery life nearly by half.

The Financial Implications Of Battery Inefficiency

Car batteries which are not exploited for their full life time create a tremendous budgetary burden for vehicle fleets, car leasing companies, and fleets of trucks, buses, forklifts, trains, locomotives, train cars, heavy equipment, backup batteries and more.

The BRS Solution – Significantly increasing car battery life.

BSI offers an end-to-end solution for extending battery life, battery refurbishing, and battery maintenance for vehicle fleets which sustains battery performance. We are able to restore batteries that have died after six months, for an additional eighteen months of operation. Using our proprietary BSI Battery Additive and complementary technological treatment, we double the average battery life for vehicle fleets.

Our Guarantee

  • We will reduce the average annual cost of car batteries in vehicle fleets by up to 40% during our guarantee period.
  • We will extend the average car battery life in your vehicle fleet.
  • We will provide a full guarantee for battery service and maintenance in the vehicle fleet (outsource).
  • We will gradually replace the vehicle fleet battery stock with new, top-quality batteries, and will provide an extended guarantee for three years (subject to long-term contracting with large-scale fleets).
  • We will conduct periodic checks and battery maintenance as part of the service agreement.
  • As part of our end-to-end solution, we will offer a significantly longer guarantee period than the manufacturer's guarantee.
  • Our end-to-end solution allows vehicle fleets to keep battery costs down and predictable, instead of large, unexpected expenses.

Large companies with vehicle fleets are already benefiting from BRS's service.

The advantages of BRS

  • BRS - the green solution for your batteries
  • BRS 100% organic additives
  • BRS up to 50% lower cost
  • BRS warranty

SR EN ISO 9001:2008 Certification